Inaugural Post

Where to begin?  With so many areas of life to navigate and comment on in this growing forum, the first task was to determine an appropriate title for the venue.  Wanting to be able to write about a variety of topics and not wanting to limit myself to one topic, I chose a generic title to become the URL that would be the home of the blog.  It was not until I was an undergraduate in college that the phrase “at the helm” garnered any meaning for me.  As a Music Education major at Western Michigan University I pledged the Delta Iota chapter of the professional music fraternity Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.  One thing every member gets at some point is a nickname.  There are lots of interesting stories on how most of the other fraternity brothers got their nicknames, but I was without one for the longest time.  I never really had one growing up either, and there were no major experiences in my life so far that had labeled me with a nickname that would stick.  Then came the year that I was elected President of the fraternity and was also soloist with the marching band and one of my advisors wrote an article about me being “at the helm” of things and finally I got my nickname: A.T. (okay – if I have to spell it out, A.T. stands for “at the”).  So, bon voyage! 8YKKWWETB9MQ

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