Shaking Up The Nest

At least that is what I am calling it.  You know what an empty nest is, right?  The syndrome labeled for when your kids leave the house (the nest) and leave the parents alone!  Some find it a wonderful adventure and a step toward a new phase in their lives; others suffer from a level of abandonment and loneliness even though they have worked to raise their children to be ready and capable of moving on in their lives when the time came.  For me the nest was only shaken and not stirred up completely (makes me think of the James Bond line!).  My first is out of the nest and off to college – and one teenager still remains in the house.  So even though life only got a bit stirred up I have to admit – things are different.  All things change over time, right?  But if you thought teenagers were expensive wait until you send them off to college!  Beyond the financial changes, there are other changes – some you may notice, and some you may not.  At first, it just seems that things are a bit different, like they are gone for a long weekend or at summer camp for a week, but then their absence becomes much more noticeable.  I actually think I feel a bit older at times, especially when I am watching my daughter accomplish more and more on her own, handling the decisions on her own, and becoming the responsible, capable young adult that I tried so hard to help her grow up into.  Navigating this has been a growth experience somewhat, but in reality it is just the logical progression of our lives with children and how we hope to prepare them for their future lives.  At least I will be more prepared for the next one!

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