How Technology Improves My Life

How did my parents do it?  Sure, we have all heard how all parents feel like bankers and chauffeurs for their kids once they reach their teens, but I marvel at how capable they were without the technology we have today.  There is such a long list if I start to compare – depending on how old you are, your list may be different than mine, but growing up we did not have microwaves, cell phones, email, Internet (including Google) and a whole host of other modern developments that we take for granted today.  Just to comment on the few items I have listed here, we can certainly cook faster with our microwaves saving us time in meal preparation when needed, stay in contact much easier and cheaper than writing letters by using email, leverage the Internet to pay bills faster and online saving postage and even find answers to just about anything by Googling it!  What fun it is to be able to quickly find the information we need (especially if you learn a little Boolean logic) – even my kids have thought it very cool that I could teach them how to use this tool more effectively.  Maybe the most valuable piece of technology I use is my PDA.  This one tool alone frees me to balance my life in ways my parents never could.  I can communicate from the road and stay in communication with my increasingly busy family, extend my office to any of the activities I am involved in like coaching or volunteering with the Boys Scouts of America so I am not chained to my desk, and just make so many things easier due to the maps, contacts, email and oh yeah, Internet so I can even get to Google!  For all the reasons I may want to go back in time to the good ole’ days, I think I’d like to take my cell phone with me!

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