Taking a Lesson from the Boy Scouts

My son reached a milestone in his Boy Scout endeavors this month as he achieved the rank of Life Scout.  If you have participated in the scouting program before you may know that this is the rank that is one level away from Eagle.  While I am proud of him and excited that he may persevere to the highest level, I am more encouraged by the overall experience he has had in scouting and what all boys can experience.

Boy ScoutsThe National Council of the Boys Scouts has organized the delivery of this program through a series of “Aims and Methods” to give the boys the best chance of a well-rounded and comprehensive exposure to a great many things.  You may already know that many of our Presidents were Eagle Scouts, and many professionals today attribute the choosing of their aspirations to their exposure to a Merit Badge.

The lesson I think we can all learn from the Boys Scouts is about their Scout Law – ten points that all Scouts are expected to live by: Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent.

If you are a parent take a look at that list again and ask yourself if you would like a particular word to describe your son when he grows up.  As an individual, how many of those words would you like to use to describe the person you work with, bank with, invest with or are even friends with?

As Boys Scouts are evaluated prior to earning each rank advancement, a panel of adults convenes to question them on what they accomplished to achieve the requirements of the rank, and then they will ask them – How are you incorporating the Scout Law into your everyday life?

Over the past couple years we all have seen an increase of negative situations that get displayed in the news.  How many of these situations could have been averted, or at the least somewhat mitigated, if the individuals at the heart of the problem had lived their lives more in line with the Scout Law?  Now, not everyone is involved in scouting, but you don’t have to be to utilize what they have already figured out, and we can all take a lesson here and do a gut check anytime we have a decision to make that may impact our lives.

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