Where is my muse?

Sometimes it is difficult to pick a topic to write about.  At least for me it is.  I talk about a wide variety of topics and influences in my life What is a muse but insipration?and there is usually some catalyst to the start of it, and then sometimes as I start writing with a topic in mind, yet I end up writing something completely different than what I thought I started on.

For many bloggers, their content follows a theme.  For me, I am the common thread.  Interesting for some, not so for others I am sure (I am laughing at myself right now) and in the end the catalyst can take different forms.  The seed for a blog post may be a muse of sorts – this could be a person that elicits thoughts and introspection, and there have been many a muse in my life that have caused me to think on life, money, happiness, success and love.

Then comes writers block (still laughing at myself for even putting my name on the list of “writers”), yet write I do – not in the scope of some of my recent favorite authors like Tim Green, John Lescroart or one of my favorites David Morrell, but a writer of experiences and topics that are unique to me or hit some vein where I actually have an opinion or thought on the subject.

When I first started to think on ideas I did what I always do: I conducted some research on the subject.  If you have read my blog before you know I am a big Google fan and normally start there to get anything from map directions to definitions of words from the web.  I did a search on blog topics – quickly coming up with a list of 101 blog topics when you don’t know what else to write about.  Funny that even though I have the list (two top 100 lists actually) that I have yet to pick a topic from the list and use it exactly as suggested.  A few topics I have augmented to fit my personal experiences that I would have to say may have been the catalyst to get to my final blog idea, but as of yet I have not taken one as written.  Surely as soon as I say this I will have to consult the list again!

Many people say that we are a compilation of the books we read and the people we meet.  I would have to say that for me, the people I have met have been the far greater influence on who I am and what I believe.  Maybe in today’s day and age books (and unfortunately the slowly dying newspaper industry) have taken a back seat to television (and all of the commercials marketing to us constantly) and the Internet as the primary influencers from that perspective – yet still, people dominate.  It is still word of mouth that drives much of the world economy and people are still the greatest sources of information passed along.

Teachers, pastors, attorneys and counselors all play a role in helping to form an individual and who they will become.  Many times, these same individuals will be the muse that plants the seed leading to career choices, personal choices, financial choices and yes – even blog topic ideas.

Having never been much for putting my thoughts on paper, or having a journal and accounting of the day to day happenings in my life – writing this blog has been an interesting lesson for me.  Interesting from the perspective that there are topics that can be written about, and that those topics would give some insight as to who I am for those interested in learning more about me, and that in the process I would be challenged to have an opinion at times, reflect on thoughts at times, and maybe to even state my bottom line feeling about a particular topic – all while staying positive about life in general and the unique navigations we take on our journey.

There are a lot of definitions for Muse – and the one that fits here is “the source of an artist’s inspiration” – may you all be so inspired by a muse of your own to create something for yourself.  Enjoy the day!

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