Desperation and Hope

Candles of HopeWhere did I dig up that title?  Well, I wrote a blog entitled “Where is my muse?” that was all about finding the seeds of an idea that would be the catalyst to writing a blog post.  The seed for these ideas are all around us and one only need to take a look around and there is usually sometime to write on, comment or talk about.

Looking at my lists of ideas to blog about when a topic does not come readily to mind I see this one: Create a post that incorporates the words “desperate” and “futile” and I think ,”How hard can that be coming off such a difficult 2009 in this country?”  As a recruiter I watch for many indicators in business, and many of these indicators come from other business owners and the company contacts I am in touch with.  This past year was a year of trials and tribulations, and I would even say that in many of my conversations there was evidence of fear and trepidation.  How can they move forward without knowing what will be coming next?

Here in Michigan, a large number of unemployed viewed their situation as desperate the longer they went without work, and that no matter what they tried, their situation was futile (there – I have accomplished my goal and have used the words).  Seriously, this was the story for the longest time.  Two jobs left our state for every one that came into our state and unemployment benefits were threatening to run out at any moment.

Like all things that ebb and flow, this too shall pass.  Recruiters, like me, that have worked through past recessions know that the years following will be prosperous and they hold out for that silver lining coming in the future knowing.  In a way, recruiting is a bit recession proof for those that study it closely – because even when there is ten percent unemployment, there is still ninety percent of the population employed – and those may still be open to a personal, professional or financial bump in their careers.  Recruiters tend to focus on the higher level positions in the “white collar” sector and studies have shown that in these times of high unemployment, the vast majority of them are positions for which a college degree is not required – which means that most of the recruiters “market” is still intact.

ADP came out with their report this week and in the wake of this and the other reports I have been getting from friends and colleagues the 2010 fiscal year has started out much better than last year.  So far this year I have heard many reports of recruiters billing in the first few months of 2010 what they billed in all of 2009.  This is hopefully the silver lining that we have all been waiting for.  Out of desperation comes hope.  Based on the last half dozen recessions we know that things will bounce back to even greater heights in the years following.

Not all things will remain the same, however, as necessity is the mother of invention – so goes the changing landscape of our times.  Jobs lost will not always return as the same jobs, but we can have hope that the auto workers that are unemployed now will be building renewable energy companies and their products for decades to come – and an entire host of other opportunities will pop up as well.  This is how it goes.

Check out the ADP report, look at the trending – let’s hope things continue on this upswing and that it is a true indicator of the years to come.

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