Who Is Your Trusted Advisor?

If you think of anyone that has reached a milestone or pinnacle in their career or art or craft or sport – you can probably point to a time when they were in their 15 minutes of fame (granted it is a lot more for some of them).  during these times they are often asked about why they made it and they are then on the spot to identify someone that had the greatest impact on their success.

The Trusted Advisor

The Trusted Advisor

Whether it is an acceptance speech at the Emmy’s, Grammy’s, awards dinner, press conference, or any other venue where all the important eyes are upon them and they need to give credit to the person or people that helped them get there.

This is usually where we hear about the coach, mentor, teacher, minister, parent or other individual that was highly influencial and provided the advice, guidance and counsel that helped them along their way.

Even Don Vito Corleone had his Consiglieri sitting at his right hand and advising him in all things important!

This month, we had the opportunity to host a guest speaker who sits at the right hand of some of the most successful recruiting firms in the country.  “The Consigiliori” Pasquale “Pat” Scopelliti talked on the topic of mastering key accounts with a presentation entitled: From Transactions to Key Account Mastery: The Point of Strategic Inflexion.

Mr. Scopelliti’s clientele reads like a short Who’s Who list in the recruiting journals and he is known for helping firms grow to 2-3 times their billing levels so he really captured our attention as he spoke because with success at that level you do not want to miss a single word, thought or tip he might mention.

The most important topic Pasquale talked about was one the biggest tactics recruiters fail to utilize in their businesses – and he drove the point home by saying that if we got nothing else out of the call we should remember this one thing.

Here’s the missing tactic: RECRUITERS VIRTUALLY NEVER

Of course, there are a number of key strategies to garnering a key account – which is a client that will work with you time and time again, year after year.  Pat talked about getting access to the business plan your client is focused on, so that you can be focused on the same things as you search for the human capital they need.

One of the more important topics he talked on was the ability to really get into deeper conversations with clients.  He said that this skill will help you to move from tactical service to strategic service.  Listening is one of the key pieces of this step, but in order to  discover what is in the minds and hearts of your client company’s managers and leaders, you have to be able feel what they feel and this comes from really getting into the deepest conversation you can with them and much of this comes in the way of listening properly.

We have two ears and only one mouth, an important thing to remember when trying to learn this high level skill.

Thanks for the great presentation Pat!

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