Life IS worth the risk!

Those of you close to me know that my son is in the final steps of his last rank advancement for Boy Scouts.  The rank of Eagle is the Mt. Everest of rank advancements for boys under 18 that take part in Scouting.  Here is a bit of motivation:

Many think that the Eagle rank is the end of the story for most Boy Scouts, but in truth it can just be the beginning.  Our particular Troop actually has an entire Patrol of Eagle Scouts who come back and share their knowledge, skill, experience and hard work in order to make the experience we provide to the entire organization just that much more effective.  Kudos to the Troop 179 Eagle Patrol!

Most boys will not achieve the rank of Eagle, but in the words of a business partner’s son, “I have gotten so much out of the Boy Scout program, that even without reaching Eagle it was totally worth it!”

All of the levels in Scouting require hard work, learning, community service and achieving a set of criteria that generally puts young men outside of their comfort zone.  More time in front of their peers, more instances of having to communicate on a higher level, interaction with adults in order to meet objectives, and an evaluation when it is all done – where adults will ask you about what you did to get there.  For some the fear is greater than others, but they all risk something.

Some lack the confidence to speak in front of others, some need to develop specific skills, but in the end when pursuing that final Eagle rank all of the pieces that they have been testing themselves on for years come together in a project that they must design, lead and manage all on their own (okay – there is some encouragement from the parental units) and until they step up and get the work done, the goal will not be reached.

We had found and used the video above for work, but I saw an entirely different message that applies here.  Bottom line?  Remember that without risk there is no reward – get motivated and dream big!

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