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As most of you who know me already know, I tend to step up and organize things for groups that I am involved in – whether participating myself or because my kids are involved.  Sometimes this can be quite the headache – it takes time, energy, organization skill, and sometimes (as we all know) the right tools.

In can be quite a chore to be the one to head something up – especially when you have to collect money from a large group of people as part of your organizer duties.

Well, there’s an APP for that!

I was thinking about this as we are starting to hear the usual chanting of “Are you ready for some football” signalling the upcoming season (as long as they are not on strike) and for many out there, it is more of a “hey, are you ready for some “fantasy” football?   Leagues form in many families, groups, companies, industries, cultures and one of America’s favorite pastimes lives on in the realm of fantasy.  Along with this comes the inevitable question: Who is going to organize this year.  While most quietly take a step back leaving one poor soul to appear to have taken the step forward to volunteer, they get stuck with the job.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to organize this easier?  There is.

A friend of mine actually owns a company that produces an APP in order to provide just this type of service.  It’s called Pay It Square.  They actually automate the entire process of collecting fees and make it so simple that you participants can pay any way that they want.  Click here to read their latest press release about the product.

Now that I think of it – I wish I had thought of using this for my own futbol (soccer) league.  Each year when the weather gets cold and threatens to snow we take our weekly games indoor where we have to RENT field space and I cannot tell you what a pain it is to collect from everyone.

Bottom line?  Check out Pay It Square – might just be the season ticket to a more simple process for the person that organizes YOUR league.


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