Sing for your interview?

Oliver may have had to sing for his supper, but have you ever had to sing for your interview?

Granted, if you are auditioning for The Voice, or America’s Got Talent, or American Idol you may just be presenting your vocal talents, but those are audition not interviews.  What would you think if you were out on an interview with a company looking to hire, and they asked YOU to sing?

Spotted on American Society of Empoyers’ everythingpeople.™ This Week! they had asked for things that were funny or interesting as far as interview questions and got a response about a request to sing.

The sing-off interview: “During a second interview where I was interviewed by a panel of about six interviewers, I was asked the question: “Will you sing Happy Birthday to all of us?” I was taken aback by the question and concerned because I am not a good singer. However, I really wanted the job, so I told them that I wasn’t a good singer, but I would sing. I started singing the song and they cut me off. They said they just wanted to know if I would sing, but they didn’t actually need me to sing. They explained that my willingness to sing told them that I was a team player, willing to do whatever it takes for the job. Despite my willingness to sing, I did not get the job. Perhaps, it was the fact that I really am a bad singer!!! ”

Now I have heard some really creative ways to determine if someone is a team player, but this is the most unique.  Who comes up with these ideas?  Makes you wonder if “Why are manhole covers round?” is not so far off base.

Bottom line?  Kudos to the candidates who actually sang!  This is not such a horrible idea depending on the company you work for.  Lot’s of jobs actually require you to sing as part of the job and some of them don’t even require a vocal “audition”.  The made me smile, what’s the harm?

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